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      Recently a long time customer who we will call Mrs. B, shared with us how Buying Bulk Built a relationship with a total stranger!

      Mrs. B had decided to buy bulk to save money. Over a certain time period she started to have a little extra and didn't know what to do with it as she didn't want to waste it. 

      Within the next week, a young girl came to her door selling something for a fundraiser. Mrs. B. saw the girl's mother in the car, and the thought came to her that maybe the mom would like some flour. She was right! Mrs. B invited the mom in and explained why she had extra. Over the course of the next couple of months, these two women spoke more, and then started ordering their bulk together to save them each even more money AND became Shopping Buddies. They shared their experience with others and now they have a group of shopping buddies that have fun shopping and buying bulk together - Saving Money & Building Friendships! Mrs. B. and all still shop with us monthly to keep their home bulk shelves stocked! 

Thank You Mrs. B for sharing this story with us!

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We Specialize In:  Gluten Free, Infant, Children, & Diabetic Care!
Providing Customer Service with a Smile for Over 20 years!
We offer the most trusted top of the line natural brands and our own custom line of products. We have whole foods, gluten free foods, bulk foods, sports nutrition, and we ship to your door free with orders of $100, otherwise we ship via the USPS postal rates. 
We Offer More than Just Supplements & Foods!
We have an awesome selection of organic & natural bath and body care items for infants, adults, sensitive skin, and diabetics. We offer green, safe, and natural home cleaners, herbs, essential oils, a Christian Gift Shop, an organic natural & hypoallergenic jewelry line, natural candles, and even items for your furry and other little critter family members!
We are Here to Lend You a Healthful Hand in Any Way We Can!
We are continually adding to our store. Many of our products can be drop shipped directly from this website by going to the Products page, clicking on the link you want and ordering direct from the manufacturer! Many of our Bulk items may need to be special ordered in order to keep the stock the freshest and highest quality.
We Offer Wholesale Prices on Select Supplements!
Contact us to see how to buy at wholesale pricing and which product lines are sold at wholesale. We are very excited to offer these lines.
We Offer NON GMO Gardening Supplies!
These can be ordered and drop shipped directly to your home from the Products tab under My Patriot Supply Tab. We do bring in a select quantity of seasonal items into the storefront and tend to sell very quickly.
We Offer Safe Natural Science Bio Scans! COMING SOON!
Please call the store to schedule your bio scan and for pricing. All bio scans are done at our corporate office for your privacy.

Natalie's Christian Wellness Center, LLC

Your journey to Optimum Health begins here where a Christian Wholistic approach to total body wellness is taken. This includes: Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically!
Store Location:  309 S. Main St. (SR 19) Nappanee, IN 46550

Phone:  574-333-5110

natalie@natalieschristianwellness.com   OR   ncwc10@myvollara.com

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      Since this is not a non-profit Ministry, we want to show our gratitude to those of you who support NCWC financially. Therefore below you will see a gratuity program that we implemented in 2011!


Monthly Donations of $10 - $25 = 10% OFF any item

Monthly Donations of $26 - $50 = 15% OFF any item

Monthly Donations of $51 - $75 = 20% OFF any item

Monthly Donations of $76 - $100 = 50% OFF any item

* Gratuities must be used in the month earned as they do not accumulate. 

Please feel free to call with any questions!

Items not in stock can often be ordered in at NO extra cost!

We look forward to serving you and your loved ones! 

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